Locally-Owned Palm Springs Coffee Shops to Cozy Up In

This time of year is perfect for visiting local coffee shops and cozying up with a good book, podcast, or whatever hobby you indulge in. The weather in the desert is finally cooling down and visitors can enjoy these temperatures with a coffee from a local shop in the area. Check out more details below for the best spots to visit on your next trip to Palm Springs!

Friends talking at cafe table during coffee break. Unrecognizable male and female colleagues discussing business issues, focus on coffee cup with saucer and teaspoon

First, there is Cafe La Jefa. Known to be one of the more “instagrammable” coffee shops in the area. Their menu features both traditional and modern beverages that will be good for anyone to enjoy. Not only do they have a wide variety of drinks, but they also offer some great meals and snacks that you can enjoy. For those who wish to stay cozy for longer periods of time, they also offer a co-working space so you can sip and eat as long as you desire!

Next, there is Ernest Coffee, which has become a beloved spot for locals and visitors of the Palm Springs area. This happens to be the only coffee shop where you will find Stumptown Coffee, so fans of this particular Portland roaster will be happy to know they can enjoy this coffee and a lovely view when they visit Ernest Coffee.

Another great locally-owned and unique coffee shop to visit is the Frisky Business Coffee House & Cat Cafe. You read that right, you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee and play with your favorite four-legged feline friends. Cat lovers can experience all the freshly roasted coffee, matcha, tea, baked goods, sandwiches and more in a place that shares their love of cats. Don’t be frightened if you are allergic, they are designed with everyone in mind and have separated the kitties into their own enclosed lounge. So you can still sip on that delicious beverage without a whisker in sight.

Palm Springs has an amazing art and culture scene, which has also been incorporated into their local coffee shops. For those travelers looking to indulge in both, then you must visit the Gre Coffeehouse and Art Gallery. With this shop you will get part cafe, part art gallery, and part record shop. This one-of-a-kind spot is the perfect destination for music and art lovers, who also enjoy a nice cup of coffee while browsing the stacks or settling in with a good book. 

Barista made coffee latte in a coffee shop.

There is also Ristretto, which is a unique and locally owned coffee shop that features the designs of local architect Hugh Kaptur. Palm Springs has been known for their amazing architecture, which makes this spot perfect to cozy up with a cup of coffee and also enjoy some amazing architecture. 

Of course there are plenty more locally owned coffee shops that the Palm Springs area has to offer, so be sure to check them all out on your next visit and book your stay at Indian Palms Vacation Club today!